Wife had sex with a bedpost

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Wife had sex with a bedpost

The Times also criticised the lenient sentencing of a wife-beater called Reece, who: Men of all ages seem to be interested to them. We advise you use www. In Octavius Coope MP asked the Secretary for the Home Department if magistrates could order wife-beaters to be flogged, because sending her breadwinner to jail harmed the victim more than the criminal. Weekly Despatch 20 April. If a specific reason was given, it was that she had disobeyed an order. In some cases the assault led to the woman's death, and if guilty of murder a man would be hanged. The time had assuredly arrived for the application of a sharper remedy. By the time the case came to the magistrates she and the children were literally starving in the streets. In several cases the wife visited the husband in prison, and brought him food and clean clothing. It was said that flogging would have the effect of brutalising and degrading men. The additional exposure which would be given to the offence, and the degradation of the punishment, of which the man must bear the marks about his body for the rest of his days, would often deter the unfortunate wives from applying to the magistrate at all, and thus defeat the very benefit that was intended. With 10 lovers - like the porridge in the children's fairytale - you are neither too hot nor too cold. This website is 'work in progress' and therefore pages may not yet be started, let alone finished. The editor of The Times was appalled at the leniency of punishment and cited the case of Charles Pilling, a habitually brutal husband, who is told people that his wife 'would not live 24 hours once he clapped eyes on her' the next day dragged her upstairs, threw her down, beat her head against the floor, knelt down upon her and squeezed her throat with his hands for two or three minutes. Arguments about money were a frequent cause. Some wives were drunk at the time, some were habitual drunkards, no doubt having turned to drink to erase their misery. It is salutory to note that six years later Mr Hards prosecuted one of his employees for stealing some plums from him and the lad was transported for seven years. From time to time juries and magistrates sent presentments to the Home Secretary asking that flogging be introduced for wife beaters, rapists and child molesters. Lastly, it was a dangerous move: At least one newspaperman remarked that it was impossible for women to get justice in these cases, because while the criminal was comfortably lodged and fed in prison, the poor victim and her wretched children were frequently rendered homeless and starved in the streets. Left destitute, rather than enter the workhouse she turned to prostitution and sunk into alcoholism, which he then used to get a legal separation from her. A month later Mr Saunders, the magistrate at Thames Police Court, fined Joseph Dennis ten shillings after he struck a woman in the street, punched her in the eye, knocked her down, grasped her hair and hammered her head onto the pavement, and kicked her in the side, breaking two ribs. This gave her an incentive to report his violence to the police, because it could be her means of escape. On the contrary, he thought that it was a greater offence. In flogging wife beaters was raised at the Social Science congress: Milf dating, sexting, sex relief and sex fun is the way to go!

Wife had sex with a bedpost

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