Why do i feel sick after sex

But then I got reallllly dizzy like I was drunk got the shakes and nearly threw up fella got me a drink of water and watched over me while I fell asleep to make sure I was ok think I spooked him a little next day I did a test reluctantly with docs orders after 2 months no period and loads of negative hpt and blood test and to my total shock I was pregnant lol I take it a little easier now to say the least haha total mood killer L Im the same way. Some studies have revealed hyperglycemia or chemical imbalances in the brain, intense emotional stimuli during sexual intercourse can lead to autonomic imbalance and an associated asthma attack, which may occur in men, who indulged in sexual activity for the first time. December 9, 4: I don't think it has anything to do with uterine contractions, since it isn't actually painful. Sex can be a mutual source for everything from joy to frustration. Stimulating the vagus nerve decreases the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, both of which can cause nausea. And most importantly, is there anything I can do to prevent it? I'm not on any kind of medication, and I don't have any health problems that seem relevant to the question. However, in a severe case, one patient decided to undergo castration in order to relieve the symptoms of POIS, which he felt were unbearable.

Why do i feel sick after sex

Alternatively, the vagus nerve responds to stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system the fight or flight one ; when your heart's beating fast and you feel that surge of adrenaline because the sympathetic nervous system is active, it's the parasympathetic nervous system spearheaded by the vagus nerve that brings things back to normal. On the other hand, men more commonly want to get away, new research confirms. The second type of negative feeling is the opposite, where you want to leave afterwards and experience your sexual partner as clingy. And most importantly, is there anything I can do to prevent it? But even if this may be an effect of a more egalitarian culture, Norway still has gender differences. Googling "orgasm nausea" didn't turn up any explanation that seems credible. Both men and women think about their reputation. Two patients, in whom POIS was suspected to be caused by auto-immune reaction to their own semen, were successfully treated by allergen immunotherapy with their own autologous semen. Possible causes of postorgasmic illness syndrome POIS Some experts are of the opinion that POIS could be caused by an auto-immune reaction not to semen itself, but to another substance that is released during ejaculation, such as to cytokines a broad and loose category of small proteins important in cell signaling. I recall this as being due to a disturbance in blood gases, specifically very low levels of carbon dioxide. The massage is not a 'deep tissue' type, more a light touch to take energy up and down the limbs and spine. Many children can spread their genes to the next generation, a man can tolerate some of his children failing. Has anyone else experienced this? In some males, the onset of POIS is in puberty, while in others, the onset is in their twenties. Presumably this is a cultural adaptation. Mangaement and treatment Since there's no standard treatment methods, patients undergo a thorough medical examination to determine and identify the POIS symptoms before they can be treated. Lurking in the background Before anyone starts pointing out the obvious: Last time I was pregnant we had sex sometime in early pregnancy and it made me sick nauseated for days. Like my ears ring, start to get tunnel vision, eye black out. It will be nice when this is done and I don't feel like I have to be resurrected after we get down each time! If so, this might be caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure. Evolution made us this way. December 9, 4: The researchers also incidentally found that men more frequently pity their sexual partner afterwards. If that turns out to be the cause, doing some crunches or something to strengthen the area would help prevent the post orgasm nausea. Even when a sexual relationship does not result in a child, biology still drives our sexual psychology. They received responses from four groups that formed the basis of the surveys, one from each region and a fourth group, chosen from Anglo-Americans who responded online.

Why do i feel sick after sex

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  1. But even if this may be an effect of a more egalitarian culture, Norway still has gender differences.

  2. Hyperventilation will provoke vertigo, nausea, and vomiting in some [people] It doesn't seem to matter where I am in my menstrual cycle, or whether the orgasm was the result of penetration.

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