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However, his only film role since then was Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk which was a critical and commercial flop. While he hasn't disappeared from the spotlight completely, thanks to another ABC sitcom, Last Man Standing , running for an impressive six seasons before cancellation, and the continued success of the Toy Story franchise, his career heights from the 's have long passed. Both films flopped at the box office though the former became a Cult Classic on home video. The bombing of R. Almost Famous is the only film of hers still fondly remembered today. Hollywood soon began courting him for more film roles, but he turned down most of them due to his limited acting experience. However her first starring role Yolanda And The Thief flopped at the Box Office despite good reviews because of its fantasy theme. However, numerous attempts at trying to recapture the success of that film and his follow-up She's The One, combined with attempts to break into acting despite those talents not being as good as his directing skills and a failed attempt to make his ex-girlfriend a star, failed to catch on and his hype died out fast.

Viewing of r kellys sex tape

This one wasn't related to any lack of talent — Meryl Streep , of all people, vouched for her acting ability, as did her Mean Girls co-star Tina Fey. Though, he got a major role in Arrow as Ray Palmer aka The Atom and then, he's one of the main cast of the spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow so, at least, playing another superhero doesn't hurt. His role as the love interest in the Lindsay Lohan vehicle Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen was commercially successful but trashed by critics, and he retired from acting shortly afterwards. The Winter Soldier , though, so only time will tell if he will ever break out. Examples that didn't hold up Actors: However, his work afterwards was a story of disappointment and missed opportunities. With news that James Cameron's Avatar sequels entered production, it might change things in his favour. Although neither were box office hits, they went on to become cult classics, and Selleck would continue to build up his film career throughout the 90's while still being a television favorite. Routh then disappeared for two years before landing a pair of cameo roles in a couple of films Zack and Miri Make a Porno , Scott Pilgrim vs. However, he was nominated for an Oscar in for Lion , so things may be looking up for him. While it was notable for launching the careers of Steve Carrel and Stephen Colbert, ratings declined and the show was cancelled after only seven episodes. And then came 's The Love Letter, which despite Selleck being in a supporting role got poor reviews and failed to turn a profit. However, he developed a reputation for being egotistical and tough to work with, walked out of a planned movie adaptation of the SNL "Sprockets" sketches, and the Austin Powers sequels were met with frostier critical reactions primarily due to vulgarity and Sequelitis than the original had. He was cast as The Falcon in Captain America: Artificial Intelligence the following summer, but that film proved to be a divisive box-office underperformer. Then, just two months after the cancellation of Queens, he co-starred with longtime partner Adam Sandler in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry , which critics everywhere tore apart for alleged gay stereotyping. Then the failure of Speed Racer an attempt to turn him into a big star more or less led his hype to dry up, as he would not appear in another lead role until the flop The Darkest Hour. However, he did get cast on Manhattan , and the series has been renewed for a second season. She is doing quite well with films and a recurring role on critical favorite Boardwalk Empire. His brand recognition faded almost immediately, as more box office bombs stymied an attempted comeback the following year with Bernie , which wasn't picked up for a wide release despite rave reviews. It's hard to say how well his career will turn out at this point, though the success of 's Safe House though Denzel Washington was obviously the big draw, and there's a lot of debate about how much Reynolds' presence really contributed could help him regain momentum. While he's had some small hits like In Bruges and Fright Night , he's still made flops like the Total Recall remake, and regardless his career is nowhere near the A-List status it once was. Josh Hartnett rocketed to super-stardom in the late 90's and early 00's with roles in teen films like The Virgin Suicides , Halloween H In he appeared in the Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as the lead villain, but it's too soon to tell. His newfound success, however, did not last long.

Viewing of r kellys sex tape

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