Untold stories of the er sex edition

Paramedics had to tell her they would look at the obviously dead friend after they checked her out. Exploited successfully and literally by the owner of a dog who ate the amputated finger of her boyfriend, a pianist. A young armed forces veteran had a bad case of Munchausen Syndrome ; he made it appear that he has razor blades in his stomach by taping the blades to his dog tags and then putting the dog tags under his back when he gets X-rayed. When a hospital was placed in lockdown while under attack by a gunman, A neurosurgeon needed to get to the ER to treat his fellow doctor who was shot in the head. A patient who desperately needed surgery couldn't be treated at the small clinic where he was diagnosed, but his insurance wouldn't pay for the ambulance service to take him to a bigger hospital. After he somehow managed to recover, it then cut to news footage of his junior high graduation. A massive, drunk Russian guy wakes up at the ER when he was going to get a head wound stitched and goes bananas. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice:

Untold stories of the er sex edition

Closest Thing We Got: The patient turns out to have Addison's disease, whose symptoms include darkening of the skin. She then gave her cheating spouse a swift kick to the groin that landed him in the ER. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: At one point they had to get an E-2 administrator basically a secretary with a military rank to keep pressure on a wound. A few that stand out are Nurse Terry Foster, Dr. Turns out he'd gotten his curls caught in the mechanism of a mall escalator, which yanked on them hard enough to deglove most of his skull. Two men become gravely injured in a car accident, their faces unrecognizable. The tripping prostitute of the segment "The Nun and the Other Lady" stole Viagra from a client and swallowed it believing it was Vicodin. Hard not to feel at least a little bad for a guy who can't speak, and can't even react to seeing his wife and two girlfriends discover each other, except for the heart monitor showing his heart rate skyrocket. When a stabbing victim flatlined before the surgeon could arrive, an ER doctor had to perform a thoracotomy open-heart surgery to diagnose and treat a case of cardiac tamponade in which the sac around the heart fills with fluid and starts putting too much pressure on the heart. The doctors, accustomed to fake injuries on Halloween, laughed and put him in another room. The boy had scurvy, because his parents were ignorant of proper nutrition, and thus fed him almost nothing but oatmeal because that was what he liked. In "Minutes to Live", Dr. One who mistook them for simple fainting, and another who mistook them for demonic possession. The doctor temporarily plugged it using two inflated Foley catheters to bide time until the cardiac surgeons got there. A urologist had to drain blood out to reduce the swelling so the stove could be removed. And some patients as well. The doctor sent a staff member to get some bikini wax, but the store didn't have any, so the doctor instructed him to buy as much white glue as he could find. Joy Slade wears expensive suede high heels in the emergency department. The source of her sickness? Recurring trope on the show as sometimes a patient is so critical that the ER doctors have to perform surgery right then and there. Not What It Looks Like: But the night soon took a sour, rather than sweet, turn. Done by patients sustaining embarrassing injuries. From Bad to Worse:

Untold stories of the er sex edition

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