Tips on giving good oral sex

Your logic would have this article and title cover hermafidites Laurie Wilson-Taylor Listen as a woman, we appreciate a man who loves to eat pussy like he is making love to it! It is oral sex on her clitoris, manual stimulation inside her vagina and, with the remaining hand, stimulation around her rectum, even penetrating the rectum if that is pleasurable for her. If you make sure the first time he cums is when you're giving him head, the better it'll taste. It is definitely a learned talent. Use a lot of nonsugar sweeteners such as stevia, Splenda, or others.

Tips on giving good oral sex

This is the definitive guide to anal sex! I rather enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. By that time he should be dripping wet, then start to go down on him. Our advice will turn you into an oral sex expert - and your partner will love you for it! Just try eating 4-day-old donuts and you'll see what I mean! You will never taste anything bad. So my question to you is…are you practicing what you preach? Once you have had a little taste of that kind of stimulation you might be up for more. When you give your first blow-job, it can be a nerve racking experience. Talk to your partner. Also, if you just keep the head near the back of your throat, and just keep swallowing your spit, you may not even notice when he cums. While I believe that sex should be mutually satisfying, there are benefits to focusing on one spouse or the other from time to time. It helps a lot. Do not try to stop breathing, like how you hold your nose to avoid a bad taste. Just close you eyes and swallow fast like your taking meds. How masculine or feminine are you? She might end up having rug burns on her knees from the friction. It's now part of the routine and it seemingly gets better and richer. If you don't like to swallow, just ask your boyfriend if it's OK if you have a drink next to the bed. What Does It Feel Like? Maintaining romance and intimacy All relationships go through ups and downs. You progress to teasing her clit with your tongue while you grind your genitals against her leg and finger her g-spot. Or a large penis? Now, I love seeing the look on my husband's face as our eyes are locked on the other's and he shoots his streams of cum into my mouth. Even more satisfying and exciting is for her to keep it in her mouth while he goes down on her until his mouth is fill of her juice, then they can kiss and mix their juices together as they slowly swallow, making a special sauce like no other. Just like men worry about how big their penis is; women worry about how tight they are.

Tips on giving good oral sex

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