The tool box sex in action

As you might expect, quantitative and qualitative information needs to be analyzed differently. They may or may not be socially significant i. Transcribe any audio- or videotapes. Your program had the effects you hoped for and other effects as well. It may mean comparing your information to that from other groups a control or comparison group, statewide figures, etc. There are other excellent possibilities for analysis besides statistical procedures, however. It has been suggested that the word "spear" is an overstatement that makes the chimpanzees seem too much like early humans, and that the term "bludgeon" is more accurate, since the point of the tool may not be particularly sharp. Designed to be personalized, every aspect of their appearance and how they act can be customized, from girl-next-door to creating a hardcore bitch.

The tool box sex in action

This could be a program, method, system, or other action. Whether as a result of statistical analysis, or of examination of your data and application of logic, some findings may stand out. Why should you collect and analyze data for your evaluation? After he left, Goodall approached the mound and repeated the behaviour because she was unsure what the chimpanzee was doing. Neighbouring chimpanzees in the nearby region of Seringbara do not process their food in this way, indicating how tool use among apes is culturally learnt. In , Beck published a widely used definition of tool use. Some females have attempted to use logs as ladders. Groups of chimpanzees fish with sticks for the honey after having tried to remove what they can with their hands. Wild bonobos have been observed using leaves as cover for rain, or the use of branches in social displays. The data can show whether there was any significant change in the dependent variable s you hoped to influence. You might also want to group observations in several different ways, so that you can study interactions among different variables. These may include pencil and paper, computer using a laptop or handheld device in the field, entering numbers into a program, etc. Sumatran orangutans will take a live branch, remove twigs and leaves and sometimes the bark, before fraying or flattening the tip for use on ants or bees. It will also show you some additional results — people reacting differently than before to the program, for example. Ideally, you should collect data for a period of time before you start your program or intervention in order to determine if there are any trends in the data before the onset of the intervention. Once the fruit is safe, the ape will eat the seeds using the stick or its fingers. Certain dependent variables may change when others do. She found that the termites bit onto the grass with their jaws. They can allow you to compare those changes to one another, to changes in another variable, or to changes in another population. Such a connection can point the way toward a factor e. An informal evaluation will involve some data gathering and analysis. The chimpanzee then disables them with the stick to make them fall out and eats them rapidly. This modification of a leafy twig into a tool was a major discovery: Quantitative data is usually subjected to statistical procedures such as calculating the mean or average number of times an event or behavior occurs per day, month, year. The observation that participants are continually suffering from a variety of health problems may be traced, through qualitative data, to nutrition problems due either to poverty or ignorance or to lack of access to health services, or to cultural restrictions some Muslim women may be unwilling — or unable because of family prohibition — to accept care and treatment from male doctors, for example. One measure of success might be meeting a goal for planning or program implementation, for example. Collecting and Analyzing Evaluation Data , 2nd edition, provided by the National Library of Medicine, provides information on collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.

The tool box sex in action

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