Stupid arguments against same sex marriage

Our best ideas aren't always good enough Equality before the law, freedom of choice, non-discrimination, human rights. The studies cited by actively homophobic organisations like the Coalition for Marriage were funded by anti-gay organisations, or have basic methodology flaws — for example, they would compare married straight couples with un-wed gay couples, or they would take a person who may have had a single curious experience with the same sex and define them as exclusively homosexual. We can conclude this because there is absolutely no evidence to suggest gay marriage will harm society. But, as everyone should know, passion and reason are complementary. So were the judges who had the pleasure of hearing these arguments spelled out in court. We can learn from then, even if we don't let them have their way. My support was intuitive.

Stupid arguments against same sex marriage

A review of the failed attempts here is instructive. I've tried to take their concerns seriously, but, at least in my experience, progressives too often believe they don't have to. As long as we don't hurt anyone, individuals get to choose that for themselves. Our relationships are just as loving and valid as heterosexual relationships, but our current marriage laws suggest it is not. We are all mere lambs of our Queen Gaga. Dreamed up by Tony Abbott and his like for reasons of political expediency? The lawyer had this response: But it is this combination of "we" and "value judgment" that exposes an obvious dissonance in the marriage equality advocacy. It's not hard to understand why: Buy you gotta love Jagdev's compromise: Nor do I regard the "shenanigans" around a plebiscite as much more than spoiling tactics. It is worth noting that the various landmark decisions in the United States on same sex marriage have been unable to rest their arguments on principles of equality alone. Not so confusing really. Therefore same-sex marriage is good! While it is true that many reputable studies have shown two-parent families tend to be most beneficial, the gender of the parents has never been shown to matter. Dr Mayman insists that the marriage equality campaign has addressed marriage as a "social good. It has nothing to do with approval, and has everything to do with equality. As Crikey's correspondent at large, Guy Rundle , warns: Dr Mayman embodies this confusion in her piece. Society bestows the honour of marriage on certain relationships because they exhibit certain virtues society has a stake in preserving. No, they are not allowed to marry the people they actually love. Rather, they have had to grapple with the telos of marriage, which has involved clearly defining it and arguing why that is good. Different countries have taken different approaches for different reasons. Had they done so, London to a brick, state sanctioned same-sex marriage would be a reality now. And this is what people do. He suggested that one way - by no means the only way - of clarifying what is at stake with same-sex marriage, was to apply an older, Aristotelian concept of justice. It was not binding, but a parliamentary majority for change following the vote was all but assured and had the advantage of bringing an enhanced democratic legitimacy to the outcome.

Stupid arguments against same sex marriage

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A Professor's Argument for Same-Sex Marriage

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  1. Ultimately the argument turns out to be hyperbolic nonsense designed to instil confusion, fear, and mistrust of gay people.

  2. Sometimes, the even more disingenuous will reference studies [PDF] which do not even acknowledge gay parents.

  3. It's true, there are sound legal arguments for why the state's marriage laws cannot easily accommodate plural unions compared to the simple change that legal recognition of same-sex marriage would entail. I've tried to take their concerns seriously, but, at least in my experience, progressives too often believe they don't have to.

  4. But it turns out they've proved it anyway and the cause of same-sex marriage has been greatly advanced as a result. For Dr Mayman, changing the definition is really no big deal.

  5. So why do we discriminate against these other types of relationships - relationships whose structure, at least theoretically, may be as vital to the happiness, autonomy and fulfilment for the lives of those who partake in them as any two-person union?

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