Sexiest place to get a tattoo for a woman

You will be much more comfortable getting a tattoo on the back of your neck that you will be with a lot of the other options on this list. The under but tattoo is the perfect example of this! Under Butt Let be honest, some of the most attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo are some of the most attractive places on her body. The Birds A simple forearm piece is popular among sexy tattoos for girls. Another benefit of an ankle tattoo is that you can go big or small. Classy Accentuation Sometimes the simplest tattoo is the sexiest tattoo. People have expressed mixed reactions about getting work done in this location.

Sexiest place to get a tattoo for a woman

What did we miss? A simple design that will not attract negative attention is often the best choice for your lower back. A staple among the younger version of sexy tattoos for girls. Tattoo sleeves covering the entire upper arm have become extremely popular today. Most designs can take something that is typically considered ugly and turn them into a piece of art. Sexy elbow tattoo Tattooed girl: Because the cleavage area contains mostly soft tissue, it is going to hurt a lot more than some other options. The best locations, hottest tattoos, and hottest artists for a tattoo that is going to make you sizzle. Top Of Foot Even if you find feet to be gross, you should be able find a foot tattoo attractive. A piece of art that flaunts the curves and natural shape of your back can really make a lasting impression here. Nape Flower This colorful flower stands out as a bold entrant into the sexy tattoos for girls category. Learn More About Tattoo Removal. Consider this an homage. Inner Arm If you are looking for a spot to write an inscription or quote, your inner arm can be one of the most attractive spots possible. You but is a bunch of extra skin, but if the design gets to far into your inner thigh, it is going to hurt. Be prepared for pain if you chose this location. Baby Got Back Delicate and dainty, this back tattoo is so sexy. Limited Time Offer click photo If you are worried about people thinking that you are trashy instead of attractive, then this is the location to go with. If not, you may need to split it up into multiple sessions so that you the pain is bearable. Keep in mind that this is a delicate location with very soft skin. It will be hidden by your ear and simply letting your hair down can hide it for good. Flowers on Calf Flowers are the dominate fixture in sexy tattoos for girls. It takes three years for a peacock to garner its plume of feathers. There is no pair of undies that can compete with this design! The off shoulder look makes this tattoo stand out in all its sexy glory. Choosing the right tattoo for this location can really look good.

Sexiest place to get a tattoo for a woman

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  1. Birds of a Feather As we draw to a close, we realize that sexy tattoos for girls are often at their best in their simplest form. Sexy tattoos for girls can accent an outfit just like these trees bring the booties and skirt together in this outfit.

  2. Ribcage The ribcage is one of the most popular choices for a tattoo on a girl. This location has very soft skin that is close to a bone, making it extremely painful to get tattooed.

  3. Your Wish… Is there anything more sexy tattoos for girls than a girl that knows what she wants?

  4. A hip tattoo can be small or medium sized and is typically in a location that is concealed when she is wearing pants. You should probably start with something small or in a different location if you are looking for your first tattoo!

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