Sex story my wife fucked stranger

I didn't like the idea of tasting another man's spunk. I had never been with anyone even close to the skills Claire has in this area. There were about 40 seats divided by an aisle, and the place was nearly full, with mostly couples. When this evening was over and Claire had come to her senses, she might never agree to something like this again. Claire was always a champ when it came to swallowing. She has been married 3 times and is now single and dates. I guess I will have to get her story in the morning.

Sex story my wife fucked stranger

I quickly removed her bra and took one nipple into my mouth. She knew I was teasing her and begged me to finish what I had started. She was looking at my dick—which I was again stroking—with what I could only call hunger. After sanjay left the room I came out of the curtain and took Nitu right on to the bed. With that, she turned and started walking back towards him…. To my extreme relief, she reached down to unbutton my pants and I knew she was all in. I heard Lynn talking to the guy in the other room, rushed whispers. I put my hand up her skirt to finger her pussy, but she stopped me. It was dimly lit,enough to see by, but then the lights went down and the curtains opened. He spurted hot jets of cum time after time after time. But then one day while our sex was over and we were lying on our bed, I aroused her saying that now she is too old and frightened girl. That was fucking HOT! He told me she is such a good fuck. He had some difficulty in retrieving his hard cock through his zipper, and when I saw it, I understood why. Once he was in position I started to pull her clothes off. Instead, I tortured her all the way to the restaurant. We got there at 7pm and went in. I want to go back to the Hotel. The slave pulled out of the girl, he moved around to her face and masturbated over her, she turned to face him, took him in her mouth for a while, then he pulled out and came on her mouth and face, spurt after spurt. Not at all Did your partner get emotionally hurt as a result of this hookup? I gave her a brief nod, and her smile lit up the room. Unfortunately, it only took a few thrusts before I was ready to blow. Was this my wife? Being right beside him, I also hear everything he says to my wife…. She rubbed it in little clockwise circles. Slowly, she disengaged her pussy from his mouth, and climbed down from the couch. As to my expectation she took the challenge and we bet for that.

Sex story my wife fucked stranger

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