Sex offenders in lake oswego or

Classifications will be performed by the Department of Corrections. We are not allowed to post those that do not meet the criteria below: Additional Information may be obtained from: Offenders are assessed on an individual basis to determine whether they will be designated predatory. If you believe an offender under supervision has been contacting minors, please contact your local Community Corrections office. The telephone line is operational on regular business days, 8 a. For sex offenders off of supervision, no residential requirements apply under current Oregon state law but may apply under local law.

Sex offenders in lake oswego or

Contact your local law enforcement agency. Generally they will provide you the address of those offenders determined predatory. We urge you to consult with your own legal advisor before taking any action based on information appearing on this site or any site to which it may be linked. By comparison, Idaho lists all of its actively registered offenders on its public database. Questions regarding conditions, restrictions and address information should be directed to the supervising agency. Oregon law defines it as an individual who exhibits characteristics showing a tendency to victimize or injure others and who has been convicted of certain sex crimes. Other examples of notification include: What are the sex offender classifications? The descriptions for sexual offenses in Oregon can be found in ORS The registry is managed by Oregon State Police. If you believe an offender under supervision has been contacting minors, please contact your local Community Corrections office. How do victims of sex offenses get information on their convicted sex offenders? Some counties maintain a public web site which lists high risk, predatory offenders currently under supervision by Community Corrections. There are a number of people living in Oregon whose sex offense convictions predate the registration requirements. How long are sex offenders required to register? The list of sex offenses required to register can be found in ORS Can registered sex offenders have contact with or be around children? Are all sex offenders required to register? Offenders under supervision may have restrictions on whether they can be around minors. Within 10 days of a change in work, vocation or attendance status at an institution of higher education. Residence requirements are conditions placed on sex offenders currently under supervision by the Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision for parolees and Community Corrections for probationers. Level 2 and Level 1 offenders can apply for relief from the registration obligation 10 years after their supervision end date if they meet very stringent criteria. This assessment is based, in part, on previous history and the facts surrounding the sex offense conviction and will continue to be used under the classification system. Since that time, additional crimes have been added to the list. Offenders who have been determined predatory and are posted to the Oregon Predatory Sex Offender website cannot be around minors if: How can I get a list of sex offenders in my neighborhood? Failure to provide complete and accurate reporting information is a Class A Misdemeanor.

Sex offenders in lake oswego or

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