Sex museum in new york city

The museum had all sorts of interesting exhibits. There were some better exhibits though. The boob bouncy house is probably the best thing ever. The third floor was probably one of the best and focused on art and the female gaze. I thought that was it, but it was only the beginning.

Sex museum in new york city

The biggest thing that I believe everyone wants to come for is their "bouncing boob house. If I wanted to watch porn I could do that for free at home. It was also clear that this area had been curated with specific themes and work in mind. Its a quickly assembled, poorly executed idea that is likely for tourists but really could of been something interesting. We didn't but others did. The price of admission: We had a really good time. There couldn't be that much room in there. Some sex educational books, toys, chocolates. They also have a bar at the back where u can relax and drink. Finally went on a Friday when I had nothing better to do and it was a great 3 hours of fun. I was honestly unimpressed and had high hopes of this museum but was left disappointed. I think worth visiting if you get the Groupon deal. When you walk in, there's a sex store full of kama sutra everything! Learn more reviews. The bar was closed when we got in I believe they opened at 4pm. The next is all about animals. The first is about the night life in s New York. I thought it was going to be more about sex but it wasn't. The first floor is their objects display. We browsed the gift shop, which had cheeky and fun options. It's honestly nothing other than a few art galleries with pictures. Who doesn't want to jump and bounce on boobs hahaha! I thought this was unprofessional. Mind you that the guy running it was telling us we needed to get off of it because other people wanted to jump after being on it no more than 4 minutes.

Sex museum in new york city

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  1. I nice thing to see on your 10th time to NYC, working down the list What a waste of money!

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