Sex drugs and coco puffs questions

Give me the skull. It would certainly be a surreal experience, but all you could do is hop around. My wife will listen to me rant and rave for hours about how underrated Black Thought and AZ are and why Slaughterhouse is great. What do you talk about? But I throw all that out the window when I read Chuck Klosterman. Granted, it's sometimes difficult to take his claims seriously.

Sex drugs and coco puffs questions

How do you spend the next fourteen days? Let us assume a fully grown, completely healthy Clydesdale horse has his hooves shackled to the ground while his head is held in place with thick rope. You are alone in the room, but you are gleefully muttering about historical moments in Canadian football history. I also enjoy brutal truth more than happy fiction, so I think I would be pissed about a false rumor making me look bad that everyone buys into rather than a true one that no one believes. You are wearing a CFL jersey. I would do things I always wanted to do but never did such as visit Chicago and I would try to see all of my friends and family and try to have the most intellectual stimulating conversations. You have to select one of these items for your home. I think the answer to this question is based on how much self-awareness I have. However, the inventor of the dream VCR will only allow you to use this device of you agree to a strange caveat: You look at this random stranger. It becomes clear that—for some unknown reason—you have become obsessed with Canadian football. Would you lose your virginity earlier or later than you did the first time around and by how many years? Most of my dreams involve me falling, so I assume watching them would be like watching a video of someone skydiving. When you hear a commercial jingle on TV, it will sound like Alice in Chains; if you sing to yourself in the shower, your voice will sound like deceased Alice vocalist Layne Staley performing a capella but it will only sound this way to you Would you swallow the pill? Who else would find a connection between the self-destructiveness of Nirvana and the doomsday destiny of cult leader David Koresh? Romantically, this person is ideal: I think I would rather die young as I am rather than grow old and stupid. When I went to Italy, I was on a plane for 8 hours and I thought I was going to lose my mind although I doubt the space shuttle would have some snotty little kid crying the whole time. I hate to see animals in any kind of pain though, hypocritically, I love eating them. I was a varsity basketball player and on student council and I was, for lack of a better term, popular. Where did he come from? Next thing you know, some team will teach a cheetah how to catch a football and then line it up at wideout and send him deep although I would love to see the cheetah matched up against Darelle Revis one-on-one. That will ruin every movie. When you ask how this process works, the wizard points to a random person on the street. What do you talk about? You are watching a Canadian football game, and you are extremely happy.

Sex drugs and coco puffs questions

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  1. However, your life can and will be saved by an operation; the only downside is that there will be a brutal incision to your frontal lobe. I spent two weeks in Europe and I loved it.

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