Scandalous sunderland footballers sex romp video

What surprised me was that he hadn't just cheated on her with any one of the willing groupies he was likely to meet. Call the Echo newsdesk on After three years on the footballer scene I was starting to find it harder to deal with: On one occasion I drove from London to Manchester to meet a United player in a hotel car park. This was in the days before mobile phones: In the meantime, I wasn't exactly waiting: This was my own experience, too. He whispered "I'll see you later" into my ear and wandered off to the bar. Cristiano Ronaldo was caught out twice in a year hiring prostitutes with team-mates.

Scandalous sunderland footballers sex romp video

But because he was famous - and because I was aware that all my friends were impressed by him, too - I went back to his hotel, along with a girlfriend and one of his team-mates another England player. In , when I was 18, I went on holiday with a big group of friends to Ayia Napa. I admit it's a big ask: He asked me to meet him in a hotel the night before a game, which I did. Their ex-teammate Martin Woods, 20, who now plays for Rotherham Utd, and two other men, were also at the flat, although remained fully clothed. We went out a few times after that, mainly to bars where he and his friends would drink shots before driving us home like an idiot in a very fast car. He was reported to have quit Derby to "save his marriage". The stories, and the complaints, were all the same: I turned around and there was a young, newly-signed England player standing behind me. Cristiano Ronaldo was caught out twice in a year hiring prostitutes with team-mates. Then there was the loneliness that came with spending so much time and energy on meaningless flings with men who gave me nothing more than the knowledge that I had beaten off the competition - for the time being. Now when I read the kiss-and-tell stories in tabloids, I'm grateful that I got out when I did - that I saw how empty it all was. He and I were the same age but we had very little in common. Very occasionally, I feel sorry for the footballers, too. The three can expect to face the wrath of manager Roy Keane and chairman Niall Quinn as an investigation gets under way. What surprised me was that he hadn't just cheated on her with any one of the willing groupies he was likely to meet. My friend and I left in a hurry - although, depressingly, she did go and meet up with him the following weekend at his Knightsbridge flat. I'm a regular reader of the back pages, and knew all the details of his transfer fee. Around this time, one of my friends told me that she had been seeing England Player Number One, too. Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The latest shameful behaviour by soccer stars marks a decade of depravity by some of the highest-paid players in Britain. Again, the thrill of him writing down my number in a crowded bar far exceeded the thrill of the five-minute drunken fumble back at his hotel. He said he had wasted his money paying for a hotel room. We would also travel up to Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, looking for men. The pair filmed themselves on a mobile phone during the depraved hotel toilet romp. I was studying during the day, and spending Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights out at various clubs, mostly the Emporium in Soho there would always be at least three players there on a Saturday night.

Scandalous sunderland footballers sex romp video

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  1. Once you were in a player's hotel room he would encourage you to allow his mates to join in.

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