Same sex marriage in what states

Hide Caption 23 of 33 Photos: The Assembly of the U. Governor John Lynch from the U. The Parliament of Iceland unanimously approves a law legalizing same-sex marriage by a vote of 49—0. A court of the U. For more information, refer to U. The prime minister declared the issue "settled".

Same sex marriage in what states

Jack Markell holds up legislation on May 7, , allowing same-sex couples to wed in the state. Florida began allowing same-sex marriages after a federal judge struck down the state's ban. District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty signs a same-sex marriage bill into law. Barack Obama's views on same-sex marriage varied over the course of his political career and became more consistently supportive of same-sex marriage rights over time. Plaintiffs Laurie Wood, left, and Kody Partridge, center, walk with attorney Peggy Tomsic on December 4, , after a judge heard arguments challenging Utah's same-sex marriage ban. The bill was previously approved on 13 April by the State House of Representatives in an 85—63 vote. Hide Caption 7 of 33 Photos: It came into effect on 1 January The government of Israel indicates that it will recognize same-sex partnerships for certain benefits. The Supreme Judicial Court of the U. I support the freedom to marry for all. Hide Caption 22 of 33 Photos: Working with the Task Force is Tom Brougham , a Berkeley city employee who coined the term "domestic partner" and created the concept. A referendum seeking to constitutionally ban same-sex marriages in the U. Hide Caption 1 of 33 Photos: The state Supreme Court agreed with the lower court. However, seven months after the U. It took effect on 3 March There have been times where the stars were aligned and the Court, like a thunderbolt, issues a ruling like Brown v. The White House , illuminated in rainbow colors, on the evening of the Obergefell ruling, June 26, Berkeley becomes the first city to pass a domestic partner policy for city and school district employees after a year of work by the Domestic Partner Task Force chaired by Leland Traiman. Hide Caption 5 of 33 Photos: Berkeley becomes the third city in California to create a domestic partnership registry for same- and opposite-sex couples. They came into effect on 1 July. Singer and Paul Barwick after being refused a request for a marriage license at the King County Administration Building in Seattle, Washington on 20 September , ends with a unanimous rejection by the Washington State Court of Appeals.

Same sex marriage in what states

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'Gay Marriage ruling is a victory for America' Barack Obama - BBC News

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  1. A registered partnership law is approved in Switzerland by 58 percent of voters after opponents organized a ballot measure. The Federal Council upper house of Austria 's passes a bill legalizing registered partnerships in a 44—8 vote.

  2. The New Jersey Supreme Court denied the state's request to prevent same-sex marriages temporarily, clearing the way for same-sex couples to marry.

  3. The majority [a] believed that what the judge [b] said, that it was God's plan to keep people apart, [c] and that government should discriminate against people in love.

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