Recipe for better then sex cake

Nothing is more fun to whip up with vodka and peach schnapps, and the name alone is pure gold. Frankly, if the United States government sent these chocolate cakes overseas instead of troops, the world would be a kinder, more peaceful place. Well, my version of the frosting slays. The cake itself is crazy-dense and moist—something The One loves. Didn't you also invent narcissus?

Recipe for better then sex cake

By Yvette on October 24th, at Who the hell thinks drinking when you're 14 or 16 yrs old is smart? By yousuck on May 18th, at A chocolate-chip cookie recipe was attached to the story. As a Greek-American friend recently put it: In a large bowl, whisk together flour, graham crumbs, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. It also brings oohs and aahs, inspires reverence, evokes gratitude, and halts conversations mid-sentence. It is, after all, the little guy smacking the big, heartless corporation a swift one right across the nose, something many people have often longed to do. It is one of our most popular recipes for a good reason. All these years later, the song has proven to be something worth keeping. Not just any chocolate cake, but the culinary Eve from which millions of cakes have descended: By Razor on July 5th, at By jtoddhewitt on April 17th, at By patty on August 27th, at Can this be made ahead? Whip up a co8uple of deep fried onions and horse radish sauce and I garrentee you party will be the "Bomb" Cheers to the good times , may they last4ever By Lis J on June 1st, at Fields to Marshall Fields similar name and Marshall Fields to Neiman Marcus similar-sounding name plus both are department stores. Let cake chill until serving. It was just right but drink to much it won't matter where you have sex at! She then gave the recipe to all her friends, hoping they would get some pleasure from it. I had one of these for the first time last week end and I believe it's my new drink for life. By NV on March 21st, at But back then, it was our stuff-our-feelings cake. And cherry By AlyxYaDig? Fields recipe is a delicious trade secret. There is a rumor circulating that the Mrs. By David on April 13th, at

Recipe for better then sex cake

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