Photos of mother and son ahving sex

She looked like she was going to climax as well. Then she wrapped her fingers around the insides of her panties and pulled them downwards to reveal her cleanly shaven vagina. She definitely raised some great points. Her teeth clenched, then she screamed and cried. She continued looking me in the eyes as she bobbed her head a few more times, taking my cock all the way to her throat every time. Her once beautiful face was now twisting with pleasure as she clenched her jaw tightly and was squeezing her eyes shut. It was just us striking simple poses while the photographer took pictures and the other two looked on. She seemed upbeat lately, and tonight was no different. When mom recovered from the powerful orgasm, she sat upright, her breasts hanging free and her breathing still labored.

Photos of mother and son ahving sex

My cock felt swollen in her hands as she was caressing it. This time it would be at his place. And then she moved her lips slightly forward taking in another inch of my cock. Now do it, and make sure your son can get a good look inside. After I got a good look at it, I ran my tongue across it, hoping to at least give my mother half the pleasure she was able to give me when she sucked my cock on two separate occasions. She was vague about the type of work she was doing for him. And maybe, just maybe, mom secretly desired this too. Seeing her in such a vulnerable position with one of her breasts hanging out was more than enough to send me over the edge with a major orgasm. She sucked my flaccid penis while looking at this wealthy man, flickering and swirling her tongue too. The deeper I went in, the more of her warm fluids I could feel against my penis. PART' Before I could reply, my mother came out of the dressing area wearing high heels, a plain white dress shirt, and dark grey colored pants that a business woman would wear. And he wants all of us to sign non-disclosure agreements. She moaned, and I found myself enjoying this simple sex act on my mother. Who knows what she was planning to do with that mouth of hers? And then a few more inches as she continued sucking even harder and using her tongue on me. We have a job to finish…uhhh…fuck me…own my pussy. But this time, they were slightly more intimate with my mom having her arm around me, planting a few motherly kisses on my cheek. My eyes were all over her large breasts with its large pink nipples on then. We both striped down, me naked and her to her underwear. There was only the man who was hiring us, a male photographer, and a female assistant. Exploring the possibility of a new deal, mom bent over and kissed me, full on the mouth. It also had areas for dressing and makeup. We immediately gave an overwhelmingly positive reaction to her, as she stood unabashed by her nakedness, expressing our approval at how my mom was taking control over this situation. He was looking down at my crotch to my growing erection, which my mother noticed after he pointed it out. He lived in a large home and showed up in a surprisingly casual outfit when he greeted us. She even gave it a few motherly kisses while rubbing me down there.

Photos of mother and son ahving sex

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