My wife hates having sex with me

But instead, the Lord insisted that they fight to protect those they had made the covenant with. Emotionally wounded people cannot help but be highly sensitive. Is it wrong for me to expect sex? I'm a couple of years older than her and I met her when she was in university and I was working. For some people this seems scary. There is biblical evidence that God regards sex or marriage as entering into a binding covenant. You said you pray daily that the Lord will change her heart towards sex. Forgiveness is a journey to peace, fulfillment and Christlikeness but the road is long and challenging. My husband has been impotent most of those years.

My wife hates having sex with me

So why on earth would you want to have sex with her - to say nothing of why would she want to have sex with you if she knew all of this? My friends at work have told me to dump her. Make it an exciting and romantic adventure in intimacy. Learn to savor and develop those feelings; giving moment-by-moment feedback to each other at least by groans if you cannot be more articulate as to whether you want it to continue. You are still a husband, even if you're not employed at the moment. Here in lies the problem. Had he executed justice at the moment of our first or even our hundredth sin we would all be literally in hell right now. It applies to men, too. Allan Dear Allan, thank you for reaching out. As the sole bread winner, she could also be feeling the stress of providing for both of you. Your question is a little confusing but based on your brief description, it sounds like the levels of stress in your home are quite high. Only a fool takes personally the actions of someone drunk with pain. I've tried getting her to move out but no. I pay the mortgage. This webpage is the map you need to find your way through a maze of other webpages that provide the masses of detail and support you might eventually need. If you are unwilling to change, unwilling to do the hard work then nothing is going to change. They are listed below in the order they appear in the webpage but it might be better to reread the page, to note the context and click on whatever links interest you. You never give a thought to it. Not everyone with sexual problems has been abused, but those who have been abused will almost certainly need more healing than they realize before they are ready for marriage. To answer your questions: On the other hand, the wife must embrace her moral and spiritual obligation to God and to her husband to do everything in her power to heal as quickly as she can. Ultimately, there would be a showdown because you would probably find somebody else and want to get out of the marriage. You never support her in family issues. She wants sex in a different way. Appreciate her looks to make her ready for the most intimate aspect of married life.

My wife hates having sex with me

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What should I do if my wife no longer wants to have sex

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