Mother and father claim sex education

If parents are married when a child is born, there is usually no question about parentage. But for unmarried parents, parentage of their children needs to be established legally. How would you argue back? Grieco shows us the commonalities that most, if not all, of these pregnant teens share: It was an all or nothing game that the school played:

Mother and father claim sex education

So if 1 parent needs child support and the other will not pay voluntarily, the court will not be able to order child support until parentage is established. The court will NOT accept private DNA testing as evidence in a paternity case unless the test has been ordered by the court. Assuming that the narrative is one in which Sex Ed consequently leads to "gateway" sexual activity, which must lead to intercourse is preposterous. Not many men are in the picture, which is also an unpleasant truth about teen pregnancy. A legal parent also has the right to get custody or visitation rights related to the child. Establishing parentage is necessary before custody, visitation, or child support will be ordered by a court. Kristen Grieco, a former Gloucester Daily Times reporter who first broke the story, has stepped up to clarify the charge against the girls and the town by producing a minute documentary film, The Gloucester The first truth that the girls in the film reveal is that there was no pregnancy pact. Leslie also had spunk. Reasons for Establishing Parentage of a Child Establishing parentage is very important for a child. This coming in the wake of the Steubenville Rape trial, and controversy over Ohio lawmakers' attempts to pass abstinence-only education laws in the state. When I was a sophomore attending a New York City public school, our math teacher was sick one day and a substitute was sent in. He or she also will be responsible for paying child support and will have to pay half of the uninsured health-care costs for the children and half of the child-care costs that result from the custodial parent getting or having a job or going to school. If parents are married when a child is born, there is usually no question about parentage. Parents see such courses and content as supplementing, not supplanting, their discussions at home. I doubted, too, that their parents had been given much advice about sexuality and pregnancy. Grieco shows us the commonalities that most, if not all, of these pregnant teens share: While on one hand, authorities can legally restrict students from hitting the road, they cannot in fact restrict them from hitting the sack. Wouldn't better sex education simply lead to lower rates of abortion? The class was excited to find that, not only would we not have our regular lesson, but the substitute sent in was a health and fitness teacher and not a math teacher, therefore almost guaranteeing that we would not be doing work. They feel that some adult, hopefully their parent or parents, will accept their babies and help raise them, and most have absolutely no sense of what it takes to raise a child in safety and dignity, or the financial and psychological costs of it. In fact, the mockery that is sex education in many places in the U. If a person is established as a legal parent of a child, that person MUST financially support the child. But the community uproar led the Gloucester School Committee to permit kids to get birth control prescriptions as long as their parents opted to enroll them in the program. Over the years, the arguments against sex ed in the U.

Mother and father claim sex education

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  1. Therefore, by comparing the DNA coding of a mother, father, and child, their parental relationship can be established.

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