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Running her fingers through my hair, Marsha guided my mouth towards her erect nipples. I froze for a moment and just gazed at this lovely sight that I knew would soon be in my mouth for the first time. I fuck his mouth with my tongue as he fucks my pussy with his cock, and Marsha was now fucking my mouth with her delicious tongue. My body quivered as my pussy became a molten bed of desire. I felt a small jolt of electricity as my hands made first contact with her skin when placing them lightly on her bare shoulders as we began gently moving to the music.

Mature wives with lesbain sex fanasties

It seemed so natural to lightly stroke her shoulders, and then wrap my arms further around her full body as my hands traced up her back, beneath her hair to her neck, and I began to lightly run the ringlets of her hair thru the fingers of one hand as the fingers of my other hand lightly traced the dark skin of her long graceful neck. My lips automatically closed around it, sucking the sweet saliva from the smooth surface and drinking it down. It was so unlike oral sex with Steve. Marsha sucked my tongue with sexual abandon. Her arms and shoulders were strong yet still feminine with the outline of her muscles softly visible beneath the smoothest silkiest dark brown skin. I lay back on her, the feel of her naked body causing me to tingle all over, and then picked up her flesh and buried my face in it, slurping her nipple into my mouth. My mouth was wet for her and she lapped my pooling saliva back into her own mouth. Later when Marsha left my room, there was a smile on my face. First my tongue caressed her inner lips and then up the center of her vulva. Her eyes seemed to grow bigger as she approached while looking in my eyes and lightly placing her hands on my hips. She stopped trying to push me away and lay back again, spreading her legs even wider. She would then bury her tongue in my mouth, my lips and tongue tasting and swallowing her thick tongue as far down my throat as possible. I continued mouthing her clit and thrusting into her, causing her body to tremble all over and her pussy to spasm around my fingers. I licked the full length of her long jet black neck with my tongue, up and down, tasting her fully, preparing for what was to come, and then I opened my mouth fully to take as much of her dark neck into my mouth as possible and I hungrily licked and sucked at her chocolate skin and neck muscles until she broke away with a squeal. I suckled as she fed me one black breast and then the other. Marsha then began sliding down towards my mound and I felt her fingers trace patterns over my fluttering stomach, each time getting closer to my now throbbing pussy. She inserted her tongue as deeply as possible, nearly going down my throat as my lips wrapped around and clung to it. I could smell the perfume she must have used but, even stronger, was her natural female odor. I felt the tip of her sweet tongue entering between my lips and then slowly filling my mouth to overflowing. She drew my tongue into her mouth and welcomed it with her own full thick tongue. My body, quivering with pent up tension quickly rose towards orgasm. With my eyes still closed and breathing deeply, Marsha moved up next to me, pulling me close. I heard her moan softly when I sucked her tiny nub into my eager mouth. Marsha was a striking lady with rich deep chocolate skin, a full head of thick black hair that hung in ringlets around her exotic face and dark brown eyes. I closed my eyes and moved down. I would lovingly yet forcefully hold her head in both hands with her hair trailing between my fingers, turn my head slightly to the side with our mouths open fully so I could feed my tongue as far into the depths of her mouth as possible.

Mature wives with lesbain sex fanasties

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  1. My C cups were slightly smaller than her larger chest, but she smiled at the sight of them. She sucked on it before reciprocating by pulling me close.

  2. She was actually captivating when she smiled and laughed, and we were enjoying dancing and getting to know each other. I was now lost in a sea of sensual delight.

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