Mary and joseph had sex kjv

It of course goes without saying that nowhere in the New Testament is it taught that Mary had no other children or was always a virgin; neither is such prophesied in the Old Testament prophecies regarding the birth of the Messiah and the prophecy which stated that His mother would be a virgin at the time of His birth. The word 'nepos', meaning 'cousin', could have been used, but it was not. Young, The Book of Isaiah Eerdmans, , vol. Incidently, this verse would become absurd if 'spiritual brother' were the intended meaning for 'brother'. In another passage, Jesus specifically refers to His own household rejecting Him at that time, and He makes no exemption of Mary Mark 6:

Mary and joseph had sex kjv

However, he cites K. My hour has not yet come. When these latter two Jameses are referred to, Paul and the writers of the gospels are careful to refer to them as 'the Younger' or the 'son of Zebedee' in order to distinguish them from the James the brother of Jesus. We know this because the common custom at that time was for girls to marry early, at that age. Those disciples are contrasted with Jesus' mother and siblings. But after the birth, the hymen would have been broken and it would have been expected that Joseph would have had children to carry on his family line. The whole issue is that they all knew the immediate family of Jesus and not the distant family of Jesus. Incidently, this verse would become absurd if 'spiritual brother' were the intended meaning for 'brother'. Isn't his mother's name Mary ['a'], and aren't his brothers James ['c'], Joseph ['i'], Simon ['b'] and Judas ['e']? There are some that say that the Bible really says very little about Mary. Standing outside, they sent someone in to call him. To make them refer only to cousins makes no sense in this context as it would not help the point they are trying to make. The Child would be safe. I am not yet going up to this Feast, because for me the right time has not yet come. The Bible shows us that Mary was the perfect example of obedience and humility. Jewish boys were expected to marry at sixteen or seventeen. The very fact they mentioned who they consider to be the blood parents of Jesus and immediately mentioned the brothers kept in context requires these brothers to be the children of the same set of parents as Jesus. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God. Click here to join! Without this preconceived theology no one would have remotely concluded any other way than that these were the real brothers of Jesus. Even more significant is that while on the Cross, Jesus instructed the Apostle John to take care of his mother and told Mary to treat John as a son, which would never have occurred had Joseph been alive John The question of meaning here would not have arisen but for the faith of the church in Mary's perpetual virginity. She is first mentioned in Genesis 3: He was a human who had to learn to talk, to walk and, yes, even to pray. Jesus was the perfect man.

Mary and joseph had sex kjv

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The Israelites: Mary was NOT a VIRGIN she had SEX with Joseph!!!

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