Making first time sex less painful

Start small, keep things slow, then let it build naturally. I have no idea what to do. In the meantime there are so many other ways to transport yourself to satisfaction with each other. Just keep in mind that you really don't need much. Likewise, doing other sexual activities that focus on your body - you masturbate, he masturbates you or just plays with your breasts, puss, butt, whatever you're into, he gives you oral sex, maybe its simply him whispering sexy things in your ear while he kisses you, whatever it is that you feel comfortable and turned on by, doing this stuff for a long, long time is very fun on its own and is also likely to make the penetration part more fun for you. However, if you just cannot get it to feel comfortable, no matter how relaxed you are, it might be because of a minor yeast infection. Don't sweat it girl. If your husband isn't just saying that you're tight, but even tighter than the first time, this supports that theory. The Marriage Bed in general is a good resource for these kinds of issues.

Making first time sex less painful

Don't take a break from cuddling, teasing, outercourse, and orgasms, but approach penetration in stages. Same goes here, even though you may disappoint your exercise partner. I'm thinking then you two could have penetrative sex more slowly, for less time, so you could get used to it without him feeling the need to climax and therefore pay less attention to how you're doing. Now someone may come along with a technical term or a link or two that may make you feel as if you've got some real problem to worry about, but the last thing you need is to worry and judge yourself. A broken hymen doesn't make you feel so tight that intercourse causes pain, although it's possible that you may be slightly abraded in one area. Good luck to you guys. It hurt a lot for me You didn't address foreplay etc. Just as mostlymartha notes, did he get you warmed up, stretched out, and ready first? Just keep in mind that you really don't need much. Start small, keep things slow, then let it build naturally. Just in case you're as clueless as I was at the time, it's fine if orgasm doesn't occur for anyone. Think of it as exercise- if you pulled a muscle or felt painfully sore upon starting a new exercise routine, you would take a few days off and let yourself recuperate. It's nicer than KY. Congratulations, by the way. You don't mention if you are using birth control, but if you are using latex condoms, you must use a water based lube like KY , and not an oil based lube vaseline or baby oil or else you will weaken the integrity of the condom. Actually that's what you should be doing over all. Unless you're allergic or something, in which case, er, no. Help me avoid pain during my honeymoon June 2, 8: If it helps, I've got some anti-inflammatory meds here that I usually take for different types of inflammation. Take a lot of time and encourage him to spend time touching and teasing you with his hands and mouth. I've been where you are, so if you want to MeMail me for more details in private, please feel free. Oh, with all this action, you might want to drink a lot of cranberry juice and keep yourself very well hydrated to fend off any urinary tract infections. A small dab will go a long way. Sex is one of the few things in life that is not overrated.

Making first time sex less painful

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Does Having Sex For the First Time Hurt? - The Naked Truth

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