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Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak were high school sweethearts but when life threw them an unexpected curveball, their relationship came to an abrupt end. How will Oliver react to her being the daughter of a business rival. This is MaDi, but it's also very much a LoVe story too. She realized he didn't think she was going to go through with it. Let's have some Fun, fun, fun.

Livejournal firefly jayne river hurt sex

Will she stay with him, or will this be the final break? Will he be able to protect her, claim her for himself? Despite this, there's an instant connection between them. Felicity x Oliver Arrow - Rated: But when her father drops her off for an unexpected visit and doesn't come back, Felicity is forced to figure out what 'family' really means. I may rate an individual chapter M Veronica Mars - Rated: And giving the most awkward rambles of her life. T - English - Drama - Chapters: Five years later, when the past comes back to haunt them, everything they've built is called into question. More importantly how does Tony Stark feel about the way the Arrow treats his daughter. Oliver has never really thought about what she really means to him, but when dreams of a life he could never have, start to plague him, he may finally see clearly. But that was the summer and now school is about to start up again and Veronica's back from Virginia and can tell that something is up. Felicity moves to New York after the Glades collapse. What if Felicity's family secrets were revealed? She had come in, into this creepy, smelly awful place, careful not to touch anything with her bare hands and sat in her slightly dinged desk chair. I've decided to change the rating to T. Oliver and Diggle are very curious about Felicity's baby brother, and want to help him How will Oliver react to her being the daughter of a business rival. This story takes place in and regards Venus and Mars as canon. Digg's there, too, so it's a regular Team Arrow bonding session Can Oliver finally accept everything Felicity has been offering? In the process, Roy learns some valuable Or will outside forces and Klaus' villainous nature ruin everything? Especially when a masked vigilante in green leather crosses her path. But Bonnie is dead, Tyler isn't himself, and there is more to worry about than Silas. Not enough sleep, a gorgeous friend going "slightly" overboard with an otherwise fool-proof if only twisted plan, and his ex hanging around constantly will do that to a girl. Jemma is here, and they'll do what they always do:

Livejournal firefly jayne river hurt sex

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Simon/River- Bad Romance

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