Joseline hernandez and stevie j sextape

These days, Scrapp has decided to manage his younger brother Sas' solo rap career while he stays busy by juggling his women his son's mother Tiarra and his main chick Tommie , fathering his children, and Tiarras, and dealing with legal issues that may derail any chance for happiness. She is working on making some fuego hits to match her caliente looks and plans on releasing new music soon! However, last season it all came tumbling down around her when Jasmine Washington accused Rasheeda's husband Kirk of fathering her child. She has built her brand, cosmetic line, and clothing store into quite the empire, and recently opened up her second Pressed store in Houston. The stars are aligning for Tennessee's daughter, and she couldn't be more pleased. Her charisma, personality and stunning looks have been captivating audiences for years. But don't let her fool you! Erica has chosen Atlanta as home base to be close to the talented producers in the hip hop music mecca and is determined to make some music magic. Eager to leave that lifestyle in her past, she is making moves to find her way into the skincare and beauty industry.

Joseline hernandez and stevie j sextape

Joc is a veteran and fan favorite who travels the country with his comedy routines, brandishing trends that become undeniable sensations. The soon-to-be mother, has been hard at work throughout her pregnancy. The youngest of three siblings, she received her Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management while working as an exotic dancer at a popular Atlanta night club. Botchey Atlanta's super party promoter K. Bambi's love for Scrappy has been tested over the years, by both his reluctance to commit and his meddlesome mother Momma Dee. But don't let her fool you! Garrett has finally stepped out from behind the scenes and into the spotlight. The guest list of vocalists include Elle Varner and K. Moriah's devotion and marketing skills grabbed the attention of Sierra and her husband, and it wasn't long before Moriah became The Glam Shop's marketing assistant. The social media fixture fancies herself a model, blogger and actress who has the musical chops to make it! Joc's hair became such a hot topic that he decided to use the infamy to open a hair salon in Atlanta - Salon Eshelon. However, Moriah is making strides so that one day she will be her own boss! Before her trip down the aisle, Dime is working hard in the studio to crank out hits before her "I Dos". The stars are aligning for Tennessee's daughter, and she couldn't be more pleased. Since then, Scrappy has maintained his music and is currently taking acting classes to make his debut on the big screen. Garrett is impacting the industry and changing the culture as he attempts to transition from hitmaker to artist while wrangling his best friend BK Brasco and romancing some Georgia peaches along the way. However, his greatest accomplishment has been his marriage to the "boss chick" Rasheeda. Soon Betty Idol followed with her debut feature alongside future collaborator 2Chainz on Lloyd's third musical effort "King Of Hearts", on the song "Bang"; this time debuting her alias Betty Idol. Now Tokyo is here in the A to connect with hit music producers AND pursue a unique relationship with her boyfriend, fellow rapper Tabius Tate. Kirk has had a hand in placing songs on films such as Beauty Shop, The Fog, and several others. Waka has made it big in both the hip hop and EDM worlds, working with mainstream elite like T. Botchey has tasked himself with making a difference for his family, with his multiple business ventures. He recently released two singles: Jasmine is currently balancing being a new mom with career aspirations, and a few secrets of her own. Garrett stands as one of the music industry's heaviest hitters, changing the game one Number One hit at a time.

Joseline hernandez and stevie j sextape

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Stevie J and Joseline Really Turn Up in the Studio and Take Shots at Mimi and Nikko: Big Tigger Show

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  1. His estranged wife Margeaux Simms - a secret kept from both Mimi and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fans for almost two seasons - is a multi-talented stylist, and recording and visual artist.

  2. The three-time Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer, and musician has been focused on crafting new music with contemporary artists for over two decades. As self-proclaimed "soulmates", the pair are also partners in both fashion and music enterprises.

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