Is coconut oil ok for sex

Shaving Cream Apply coconut oil to your legs, arms, or wherever else. The cure is in our diet. It is anti-fungal and anti-microbial, so it will not put you at risk for yeast infections. Colin Campbell which agrees completely with your assessment of a cure being blocked by the pharmaceutical company. She tried to convince her mother to start the treatment with lemon juice and baking soda , because alkaline environment is very helpful at cases with cancer. You can put some in your tea or even in a veggie capsule. It also help with arthritis.

Is coconut oil ok for sex

Eye Makeup Remover Put a little dab on a cotton ball and use to wipe off all that black stuff. Might have to read up on this — I did genetics at uni twenty years ago, and much of what I learnt is out of date. It is full of all sorts of friendly bacteria that keep you safe from infection. She treated the carcinoma directly using this paste. Stick with all natural, virgin coconut oil. If we want to live a long and healthy life we need to heed what we need, in order to keep healthy. Please tell me how much coconut oil did you give your wife on a daily basis. The roughage in Porridge helps make B vitamins in the gut. What they mostly never mention is, is there a vitamin or mineral deficiency causing the problem. Azizo and her mother combined the treatment with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle which helps the toxin elimination from the body. Kyrenet did some modifications at the traditional medicament recipe. This is the main problem I always had with water-based lubes: After all, it is a mucous membrane and it is very sensitive. Leave them in the comments section! Peppermint oil is much stronger than ylang ylang. Lots of love Liza lizajamesforuyuu at ya hoo dot C o m skype lizaforuyuandme StJonofOz Damn straight about Lipitor; thankfully I had a bad reaction to it if that makes sense and went straight off it. To avoid this, I enjoy taking my all-purpose ointment to create a more solid personal lubricant. Juices, teas, oils from the benzyl alcohol group? The power is at our hands and it is confirmed every day through the struggle and success of those which are practicing the traditional treatments and medicines —she says. Would mutation of mitochondrial DNA affect any children if you were to become pregnant? Second week — apply twice at properly cleaned skin-carcinoma surface. Colin Campbell which agrees completely with your assessment of a cure being blocked by the pharmaceutical company. After the sixth day the basal cell disappeared completely and Kyrenet was only using antibiotic creams and powders against infections to treat the place. It is also important to mention that this treatment should be done properly because of the bigger depth of the skin tissue where the roots of carcinoma are connected to. This is a cool way to eliminate toxins as well. No need for conditioner as your hair will be super soft after!

Is coconut oil ok for sex

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Is it safe to use coconut oil as a personal lubricant?

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