I had sex with a pregnant woman

Historically, having sex during pregnancy was not thought to be a good idea at all. In fact, the idea that sex should continue unabated during pregnancy is actually a relatively new notion. We stood on the staircase together giggling in shock: Sep 20, at 4: It was incredibly important to me to keep being who I was and living my life, even as another life grew inside of me. Pablo doing Didi from behind or Cassie doing Emma with a strap-on.

I had sex with a pregnant woman

So Pablo, Didi and I all started kissing. It was incredibly important to me to keep being who I was and living my life, even as another life grew inside of me. One odd and rather pleasant surprise was that my wife actually found that during pregnancy her orgasms became more intense. We carried on having sex more or less as normal just with a minimum of thrusting. To keep experiencing pleasure as my body underwent transformations, to keep exploring the world in all its strangeness and beauty. I am not sure if it's unusual, but I found all the fecundity - the swollen belly, the enormous boobs - rather arousing. This was in March or something. Pregnancy certainly lends itself to a certain gingerness when it comes to the more kinetic elements of intercourse. We blithely assumed this was a good thing, until one particularly mind-blowing orgasm led her to feeling a bit strange. I wanted to pay this guy back like it was my job — or, you know, at least cuddle. Didi and I were awestruck. I loved how I looked with my baby bump when I took my long hair down, and I felt sexy as hell. There are parties where the express purpose is to kiss people. The bar is closing down. I was honestly a bit sad about that. The idea of sex continuing throughout pregnancy is a relatively new notion. Everything in it is soft. I suppose I should have known it was too good to last. So I got dressed with her. I have no idea how many orgasms I had, but it was a sizable number. How could I turn down such an auspicious invitation? When he found out that I was pregnant, he suddenly snapped to attention: Eventually, he decided that was the end of that, and after I gave him the thank-you kiss to end all thank-you kisses, went to go check on Emma. But I did sometimes go to kissing parties. The floor is basically one big mattress. And yes, there was a hot tub on the roof.

I had sex with a pregnant woman

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The Best Sex Position for Pregnant Women

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