How to get my wife to have anal sex

I began search for movies showing the same woman have sex with one different man in every different scene. Orgasms increase women's willingness to try anal sex, which in turn causes orgasms. So if anal sex goes mainstream, be nice to the vanilla holdouts. This is a more direct version of the self-assurance theory. One commenter observes that anal sex is "a more drawn out experience, what with prep work. Maybe that's because nature makes it easier to have vaginal sex even when the man is hasty and self-absorbed. Women who don't much feel like having anal sex don't do it.

How to get my wife to have anal sex

My demure and conservative wife was not repentant of what we had done! The gay really came in her. But when I said female orgasms were causing anal sex, I shouldn't have implied that the reverse wasn't true. See this lesbian testimonial on the same theme. For me that was extremely important for my dear wife in on the pill and, if everything went all right I hoped he would ejaculate in her pussy so both she and I could enjoy a nice creampie. Won't that be something. After a while, we fucked again. I began to plan for a special vacation just for the two of us in some nice resort where we would not be known and where you can usually find a nice looking guy willing to be part of a threesome and fuck your wife in your presence. She notes that in her Reddit community, [P]eople who do not enjoy certain acts are really frowned upon, and it's bugging me. Anti-gay activists hold a banner depicting anal sex Last week, I tried to figure out why more women are having anal sex and why it correlates so highly with orgasms. Like Slate on Facebook. I asked her to take a bubble bath while sipping another glass of wine. Women who orgasm easily are more likely to try anal sex. These women are now coming forward to affirm that they're into it for their own pleasure, thank you very much. Also, women are more likely to acquiesce to buttsex demands from the highest-quality men. While double penetrating her I would ask her to close her eyes and to imagine it was me and some other guy doing her at the same time. I want to be fucked by some other guy again! We kept fucking on and of until about three am, when we slumped to sleep, hugging each other very tight I came three times that night. My dear Lucia turned off the lights and covered herself with a blanket. So, in about five months we will go and find us a lucky guy. These are just anecdotes, but the survey data back them up: Though stories take time to read but it makes a man more horney than movies. Many are explicitly partnered; most are using full names. Originally, I speculated that this effect was reciprocal: Women who got what they wanted were more likely to indulge their partners' wishes.

How to get my wife to have anal sex

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HOW TO: Get Your GF To Do Anal

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  1. Here are some theories proposed by readers and bloggers. These are just anecdotes, but the survey data back them up:

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