How to become comfortable with your sexuality

As this condition developed, the religions of the world began to distance themselves from this physical experience. Many of our parents even went as far as to call it impure or sinful. You must communicate to each other your needs and your feelings, and express to each other your enjoyment and pleasure. So when it comes to your body, choose what brings you the most personal satisfaction, not others. Sex Is The Experience We have often allowed ourselves to feel Love emotionally, but sex is the way we feel and experience Love physically. Sexuality is so utterly complex. Once again, this is really about gaining comfort with yourself.

How to become comfortable with your sexuality

The beautiful sensations that flow through your body when it is Lovingly touched and caressed trigger chemical changes in the body that enable you to receive and assimilate greater quantities of life force. It evokes such emotional responses whenever it is brought up. Does it make you uncomfortable to see yourself naked in the mirror? Because of the taboos that have been inflicted upon us, often the thought of touching our body in a pleasurable way seems shocking, but you must recognize that belief is coming from the old patterns of self-deprivation, flagellation and denial. Shut out the negative and hurtful thoughts other people have projected onto you, and try and pick out things you love about your face and body. The truth is that most of what is in movies is not very representative of real life. Sex, the most fearful and fascinating, the most guilt ridden and ecstatic of arts, is a subject we do not discuss easily. Try to eliminate body-negative thoughts and try to focus on what you love about yourself. So follow these tips and tricks to find your inner sexual being and let her loose: Just as you had to take time to learn to become comfortable while Loving and caressing your own body, you need to be patient and tolerant with both yourself and your partner as you learn to feel safe and comfortable touching and caressing each other's body. Write them all down and then commit to them. Not to mention the fact that media overload can desensitize us sexually. This is more common than you would think. This process is entirely natural and is there to be enjoyed, not harnessed. It is about self-discovery in relationship to your body and your partner. Simply look at yourself in front of the mirror. These days the topic is often skimmed over or avoided completely. Put on the music you like, light some candles, maybe take a bath, and just let yourself relax. When it all boils down, sexuality is really about embracing yourself in every aspect—mind, body, soul. This inner knowing will enable you to understand that as long as you are open and receptive to this connection with God's Love and the Love of your body, no one outside of you can take Love away from you. Touch is so vital to how we feel and even how we perceive the world round us. We also can't eliminate our sexuality by transmuting it into light so it will go away. You will learn to open yourself up to intimacy, on both the giving and receiving ends. These are just a few recommendations,some of which I have personally had positive experiences with. Appreciate your curves, the natural flow of your hair, the light in your eyes when you smile. And, we need to love ourselves enough so that we will allow wonderful relationships into our life through which our sexuality can be experienced in its highest level of potential' Loving Your Body The first step in awakening to the Divine Intent of our sexuality is learning to love and actually revere our physical body. Maybe not all at once, but a little at a time you can begin to assert your wants and actually heed them.

How to become comfortable with your sexuality

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Accepting Your Sexuality

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