How to be sexy for your boyfriend

There's a reason that "food" rhymes with "nude. You can't be sexy if you're afraid try do anything wild or out of your comfort zone. Surprise him in public. Don't be so busy acting sexy that you forget that your man is sexy, too. Don't throw your appetizer, main course, and dessert on the table at once or your boyfriend will have a stomach ache. Be ready for sexy time--any time.

How to be sexy for your boyfriend

Method Look Sexy 1 Have a sexy face. When you're having doubts, remind yourself of these qualities. Be confident--to a point. Knowing that you have it on can make you feel sexy, or showing your man a hint of what you have planned for later can make him excited for the rest of your night. Be aware of the things that make you a beautiful, unique, and talented individual. Be bold, but know when to strike. Some sexy items include: If he's stressed out. There will be days when you ask your boyfriend for a hankie instead of some hanky-panky. To be sexy with your boyfriend, you can try being bold in the following ways: In spite of what you may think, your face really is the first thing your boyfriend notices, so keep up a sexy appearance and the rest will follow. If you're talking to him on the phone, surprise him with casual dirty talk. If he is out of town, arrange a video chat with him. Let him linger over your body so his passion builds. Showing a little bit of bra strap can be sexy, but exposing your entire bra is too much. Here are some ways to be confident: If you feel comfortable wearing makeup, put on just enough to give your eyes a smoky look and your lips a nice luscious tint. Your boyfriend will be impressed not only by your confidence, but by how comfortable you are in admitting you're not perfect. Pay attention to the way you talk about your body. While being sexy can help add spice to your relationship, it's important to know when you've had enough. When he turns the lights on he will get a real surprise. He'll respect you for sharing your true feelings and will be turned on in the process. At some point during your conversation start doing a striptease. Dance in front of the mirror to your favorite song, and you'll see how much fun it is to inhabit your body. Send him sexy--but tasteful--text messages at night. If you're feeling sexy, take the initiative.

How to be sexy for your boyfriend

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  1. Even when you're not in the bedroom, your boyfriend should be thinking of what your body has to offer.

  2. Part of confidence is accepting that you are a flawed individual. Method Think Sexy 1 Love your looks.

  3. Bold and sexy are close cousins. Don't throw your appetizer, main course, and dessert on the table at once or your boyfriend will have a stomach ache.

  4. Exercise can also be an opportunity to do something sexy with your boyfriend, like taking salsa lessons. He will surely follow.

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