How to be in the mood for sex

Then slip on a silky robe. But other women -- whether it's because they're tired, stressed, or just not into it -- need a bit of inspiration to get the juices flowing. Practice good posture to feel confident; sexiness will follow. Last Tango in Paris or Unfaithful are a good place to start. Buy the one that makes you feel feminine, fierce, beautiful, and drop-dead sexy.

How to be in the mood for sex

Take a steamy bath. Instead of stockings, wear thigh highs under your dress held up with a sexy lace garter. This may sound a little bit old school, but it does work. Either of those aphrodisiac scents will drive you insane. Bright red lipstick works like a charm. Take a hot bath. Clench your girl parts i. Then slip on a silky robe. Sexting isn't just for smarmy politicians. Have You Read These? Go to a strip club with your girlfriends. Show some skin -- but just a peek. Read an erotic book. With eye contact, you can let your husband know you're ready for a fantasy. Seeing other women be sexy can do wonders for your own sexual self esteem. Stuck in traffic or in line at the grocery store? Look into his eyes Show your husband you want him by giving him that fire hot look of yours! Fantasize about what you want your partner to do to you when you get home. Sure, you could either prepare a hot bubble bath for him, give him a little massage to pamper him and he'll definitely be pulling you in. Anything on your lips will make you feel sexy, and you'll have fresh breath, too. There's no way you can make it though the whole list and not have sex on the brain. But don't go overboard! Compliment him or his body parts in a sexy way because flattery can get you places! Send your lover a raunchy text message. Afterwards, slather rose- or cucumber-scented lotion over your entire body.

How to be in the mood for sex

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  1. Sexy lingerie First of all shopping and wearing sexy lingerie makes you feel good and super confident.

  2. Sign up for a pole dancing or cardio strip-tease class; practice makes perfect! Have You Read These?

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