How to be a sex goddess for your man

Sure, as an adult women we have needs. If you are masculine energy focused most of the time, experiment with the power of receiving and vulnerable in the bedroom. Tell me what you like. The funny noises, the tastes, the mess we make. One takes considerably more effort than the other. You are a sexual creature. If something feels good push or move with it! The Intimacy Of Touching I would definitely say touching. Embrace The Moment To me, being enthusiastic means not just looking forward to the sex but actively embracing all the parts of it.

How to be a sex goddess for your man

Your yoni is yours, right? If something feels good push or move with it! Follow it up by giving him a lap dance and slowly caressing his body with yours. Do a lingerie clean up. Emotionally safe sex is sex with a partner where you feel mentally, physically and spiritually safe. A woman who is flirting feels good in her skin and is therefore confident and more attractive. What does this mean to you? Also, bring those five senses into every experience with your partner as well, from lovemaking to picnics in the living room. Express your feelings rather than numbing or distracting yourself from the joys, pains and stresses. We all know that the man does the vast majority of the work during sex most not always, but most of the time. Sure, no one might know but you. Not far behind those, and somewhat related to exploration, is a lack of boundaries. Take a belly dancing or pole fitness class. Your lingerie leaves an impact! Initiate oral sex You know what never fails? Booty calls and one night stands are not my modus operandi. Masculine energy is outward focused, go-getting, giving and linear. Apparently, I flirt with everyone: Do it somewhere other than the bed! Go down on him when he is least expecting it. Develop a healthy love and appreciation for your own body. Let go of the shame. If you are being abused in anyway, you are not emotionally safe. Last week a woman who contacted me for relationship coaching said that she was suffering from Female Sexual Dysfunction. If so, go for it.

How to be a sex goddess for your man

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  1. Do it somewhere other than the bed! Go slow and enjoy every minute of the teasing, cuddling and touching.

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