Hippie sex in the 60 s

Free love meant you could love anyone, anywhere, anytime, without guilt. I don't remember exactly what they said, but I think it was, 'I can't grab the colors. That almost-utopia barely lasted a few years, man. Before we knew about them, we thought they were cops. If it feels good…do it!

Hippie sex in the 60 s

If you loved this article and want more content like this, support our site with a visit to our Contribution Page. We might pretend to do a rain dance. They just got back. A lot of soldiers coming back who moved here said 'I tried it in 'Nam, but it's not for me. There were some of us who spent all day in the park, playing guitar, but we had odd jobs that felt more like running errands than real work. Some others liked the lifestyle, but still wanted to see things explode. If you ever heard of Harvey Milk, a lot of hippies didn't like him, solely because he was gay. Finding the Soul of the Sixties , reveals even more about the idealized decade that you might not have known. Even resident hippies started to go against the movement. I was lucky I was never drafted, but my brother was, and when he got back, I told him specifically to look as non-military as possible when I took him to dinner. As did most hippies who nailed down jobs. Many of us were peaceful and were seen as harmless, but these kinds gave trouble. Streets were suddenly lined with hippies asking for change. It's like relationships today. But what made me more on the pro-war side was seeing how some of my friends treated returning veterans. Normal behavior was interesting, but things they had only heard about seemed dangerous. Yet it took America with its conservative, Puritan roots awhile to catch on to this new awareness and freedom as we were programmed at an early age to regard sex and marriage as a sacred pair, not to be separated. But go down a few notches, and there were still a lot of hippies willing to destroy things to get their point across. The Haight was subject to bus and guided tours , like it is today. Here's what he told us We'd have them in our apartment for a week, and a harsh truth they learned was that free love wasn't real. They show it from the point of view that everyone rose against it because it was 'wrong,' but they never seem to include all those hippies who had brothers or friends in the Marines, or thought that the war was a good thing but didn't fit in with the other war supporters at the time. There were weekend hippies, who would go downtown Monday through Friday, but 5 on Friday, they'd go full hippie. Except that's also a big myth. You know, it's a New York cop, on the line and for the police, and he embraced the counterculture. Haight was like a big commune, but it needed people who had room for beds, and who could afford food.

Hippie sex in the 60 s

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PsychedeliArchive: Aquarius Rising Chapter 1: Hippie life in California, 1967

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