Halle berry sex scene in monsterball

However, I want to be frank: Even if Berry continues to work in mediocre roles and no one says that she probably has to pay the bills for her failed marriages, her accidents, and to simply stay afloat like other actors while she happens on better scripts , I believe that in at least this one role, she stood apart, and for this, she deserves some respect. Other African Americans, using biological determinism, suggested that a real black woman--that is, someone who was not biracial--would not authentically represent black people in this manner. Some of these differences are generational, while others are based on African American cultural, political and religious mores. It pointed out a continuing double standard in the community. Unfortunately, you didn't get it. They focus on The Scene without inquiring about what it truly meant in the context of the film.

Halle berry sex scene in monsterball

These expectations are connected with the fear of exploitation and of rape, and it goes straight back to slavery. No, I really don't think so. On the other hand, Halle was looked at as a moderately talented actresses at best, who had done nothing worth note before or after this particular movie, which depicted her nude and graphic having sex with a racist white man. One in particular was the syndicated film reviewer and columnist Esther Iverem, who seemed to spearhead one attack on Berry. We also have a requirement here to avoid weasel terms. As far as that man saying that this is akin to a Jewish woman falling into the arms of a Nazi officer who killed or helped to execute a family member. It is a story of a man and a woman who have crappy lives, due to outside influence as well as their own faults. People seem to ignore the fact that Billy Bob Thornton is also naked in the sex scenes and shows off a lot, too! She won simply for the performance, the sex scene is just part of the performance. African Americans were deeply split over Berry's winning the Award as well as actor Denzel Washington, who while consistently playing in acceptable and heroic roles, won his Oscar for playing a venal Los Angeles cop in Training Day. The film has nothing to do with that part of their histories. I've removed it as well as the poor analogy to Nazis, then cleaned up the section and the lead a bit. They focus on The Scene without inquiring about what it truly meant in the context of the film. The entire paragraph should be deleted or reworded with something like, "Arguably, Halle Berry's Oscar-Winning role is has the most realistic portrayal of sex in a movie. Ray Charles wasn't exactly a stand-up guy I thought the filmn was too kind to him and seriously inaccurate , but he was a real person; Denzel and Halle's characters were fictional. Instead, they say nothing of the kind happened, or that the criticism was overblown and or not to be believed or only confined to a 'small minority. It has no proof and no evidence to support that black men or black women feel this way about their body's. Hence, a black actress's body is not always used at the behest of her art or her performance, but rather at the expectations of others. Honestly, an entire article could be written about the controversy surrouding this film, and I wouldn't mind seeing one, because I personally am a little tired of African-Americans being portrayed as a bunch of chomping-at-the-bit people unable to see a woman of color being manhandled by a white man. Berry's role was described as breaking the stereotype of African-American women—she was not a hooker or drug addict—but in some ways it fits the mold: How does this make Halle Berry's situation to be rare? No doubt, sexual fear and jealousy and separatist views abounded in this discussion. I know I should be bold and edit it myself, but I don't have time for what needs to be a full rewrite. Or should the article be left as is? I have seen the webpage where it is alleged that Berry is actually making love to Thornton. I see no problem with what I wrote, but your argument has some credence and I will reword it soon.

Halle berry sex scene in monsterball

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  1. I understand the point, but whomever wrote this did a poor job of expressing it and I take offense.

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