Hair for the grown and sexy

This wave of commotion led us to ask: The one-week poll opened as the telecast from Hollywood ended, and ended with Bullock claiming a percent majority of the votes. But Hair Fans noticed when Cohen "glammed up" for a November interview, adding waves and seemingly adding inches to her hair. But maybe that was a big mistake -- because the edition has brought out nice styles, along with the usual tabloid headlines. One voter summed it up succinctly: On top of that, Panettiere fits the blonde stereotype some people have of cheerleaders. The other four women settled for seven percent. And Hair Fans voted the change down in our one-week poll by a mighty percent margin She appears in the summer movie Killers with a short blonde style, along the lines of her look on Grey's Anatomy.

Hair for the grown and sexy

After all, her beat is medicine - and even though we don't agree with it, there's a stereotype about scientifically-focused women not caring much about hairstyles. If they were there all along, she hid them very well. Our eighth annual "Rank the Top Ten Tresses" week may go down as our closest ever -- as Creamer was the only woman of the ten to top 20 percent of the vote. But her hair hit the shoulders for interviews about the infamous Mel Gibson tapes, and we wondered if the one-time "Style Spy" and Top Ten Tresses member had made a good style move. We admit NBC News correspondent Norah O'Donnell has been "must-see" for us over the years - as short sideparted hair don't come much better, and seldom have been prepared more precisely for daily adjustments in weather and length. It was impressive enough to be voted our top style of the night. And one member posted photos of the change on the board, to suggest Cass is blonder now although that could be a matter of studio lighting. Was it something to do with her TV series Project Runway? They're for Roads by a two-to-one margin -- but no one left a comment explaining why. A short "pixie cut" displayed by actress Carey Mulligan came in second, with 29 percent. While no one left a comment one way or the other, we would suggest Fiorina take a close look in the mirror. What if a woman doesn't want to reveal her age? Then there was the voter who wrote in "none of the above," declaring it the worst lineup of award-show styles we've ever had. And now the cheerleader has out-energized seven other top college styles, to win our annual "Elite Eight" contest! We'd add Crow's curls are more choosing our words carefully mentally stimulating - quite complex to examine, not to mention sort through and handle. While one commenter declared, "I love short hair," most of our voters didn't in this case. Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn, who served as a presenter. Presidents only seem to make hair news when they're Democrats? Another surprised voter wrote, "She is actually pretty now that she has long hair. Has O'Donnell made a good move here? So which Heigl hair hue best suits you? The only change we noticed involved the bangs Browne developed in recent years; from what we can tell, she's grown them out. And it's never come from the person we've posted - until we noticed former model and current fashion analyst Katrina Szish had grown out her bob. It's a look Hemmis can display at special events, but doesn't really "work" on construction crews doing Extreme Makeover Home Edition projects. Only 26 percent like the change to brunette The other 60 percent was split between the other styles.

Hair for the grown and sexy

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