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As Secretary of Defense, I am accountable for them. He said, "We had no support, no training whatsoever. Don't judge your army based on the actions of a few. I'm not going to address the 'torture' word. Graner applies sutures to the chin of a bound detainee Megan Ambuhl forces an injection into a bound detainee Iraqi response[ edit ] A naked Iraqi detainee hanged upside down for long hours. The torture included physical violence and strappado hanging, wherein the victim is hung from the wrists with their hands tied behind their back. We didn't do that. BBC World News stated that one of the prisoners, who was reportedly mentally unstable, was considered by prison guards as a "pet" for torture. It's a big selling point with foreign fighters, who want to travel to the lands where the final battles of the apocalypse will take place.

People in Iraq are always suspecting that there's some scheming going on, some agenda in releasing the pictures at this particular point. They wear the same uniform as us, and they let their fellow soldiers down [ These are our fellow soldiers. One of them told me he would rape me. On the other hand, there are many others who says it simply isn't enough, that they—many people noted that there was not a frank apology from the president for this incident. And here we're so concerned about the treatment of those individuals. Lindsey Graham stated that "the American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here. You know, these people are being fired at every day. Cambone , for encouraging policies that led to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners and fanned hatred of Americans abroad. Gore also called the Bush administration's Iraq war plan "incompetent" and described Bush as the most dishonest president since Richard Nixon. The guard said that she was "in trouble" for having thrown rocks at the detainees. It quoted him as saying; "They said we will make you wish to die and it will not happen [ In addition, the International Red Cross had been making representations about abuse of prisoners for more than a year before the scandal broke. Governments in the Middle East two decades ago were more stable, and sectarianism was more subdued. Part of the reason was that rumors and tall stories, as well as true stories, about abuse, mass rape, and torture in the jails and in coalition custody have been going round for a long time. They said, '[Expletive] you. On February 24, it was reported that 17 soldiers had been suspended. Except that the blow was not inflicted by terrorists but by Americans against themselves. The military announced on March 21, , that the first charges had been filed against six soldiers. The first thing I'd say is we're appalled as well. Today, though, the apocalyptic recruiting pitch makes more sense than before. And I kept asking my chain of command for certain things It's a big selling point with foreign fighters, who want to travel to the lands where the final battles of the apocalypse will take place. Bush's apology for the Abu Ghraib abuses was "mixed": The abuses reported included urinating on detainees, pounding wounded limbs with metal batons, pouring phosphoric acid on detainees, and tying ropes to the detainees' legs or penises and dragging them across the floor. Vice-president Dick Cheney 's office had played a central role in eliminating limits on coercion in U. You ever heard of emotional release?

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The American Army Has a Huge Hidden Rape Problem

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  1. After the pictures were published and the evidence became incontrovertible, the initial reaction from the administration characterized the scandal as an isolated incident uncharacteristic of U.

  2. These events occurred on my watch. These newly released photographs depicted prisoners crawling on the floor naked, being forced to perform sexual acts, and being covered in feces.

  3. Under the direction of editor David Remnick , the magazine also posted a report on its website by Hersh, along with a number of images of the torture taken by U. One of them told me he would rape me.

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