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I just hate to see movies that are actually decent enough, throw all that away to add some terrible drama, as this movie did. Somehow when they reveal why Kyeong-ah is the way she is, it simply isn't satisfying because it's clearly trying to manipulate your feelings. It doesn't work, if you were wondering. It didn't have any relevance to the overall story. I'd say watch this movie's first 80 or so minutes and the quickly shut it off.

Free download sex is zero 2

And that's something that always benefits comedies like this, at least in my view. A lot of gross-out humor. Just looks like made to follow the success of the first movie.. The remaining 35 minutes of the film suck. For one scene she had to sit at the bottom of a pool while her character brooded over her relationship troubles. But overall, pretty good laugh.. But the critical blow comes with the absence of genuine comedy. Other actors returning from the first film were Choi Seong-gook, Shin-ee and Yoo Chae-yeong, though the female lead was played by Song Ji-hyo in place of Ha Ji-won, with Ha making only a cameo appearance in the film's opening sequence. Retrieved on 16 November Too much drama, yet the story didn't match the title I'd say watch this movie's first 80 or so minutes and the quickly shut it off. I wish somebody would explain to me how this melodramatic back-story to Kyeong-ah, actually benefited the film in a positive manner. Making this film has definitely allowed me to grow as an actress. And realistically I'm not even sure what the purpose of the comedy was. That's always been a problem in a lot of South Korean movies, but it's more apparent in the romantic comedies. Retrieved on 15 November Asiaone; originally published by The New Paper, 10 April Im Chang-jung credited the first film as being the point where he discovered his aptitude for acting, and said, "I believe this film is really meaningful for me, and I'm kind of supposed to feel more pressure, but strangely I didn't feel any, because I found the screenplay well organized and trusted in director Yoon". Well it's really just the one woman, who in some parts reminded me of a female Russell Brand, who steals the show. And the thing is, for the first hour and 15 minutes the movies was a perfectly watchable as a sex comedy with a large cast of characters. But of course, as mentioned, it's not like the comedy knocks them dead either. Lee had appeared in the original film, providing comic relief as an effeminate male student, but underwent sex reassignment surgery in But it was fine for the most part. I just hate to see movies that are actually decent enough, throw all that away to add some terrible drama, as this movie did. That's what the movie did best and they threw that away in the last 35 minutes to force some shitty drama in a movie that simply didn't need it. It's a sex comedy, you know what to expect.

Free download sex is zero 2

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  1. She hoped that the film would project her screen image as being "friendlier, warmer and sweeter", saying, "Yes, this movie may be a sex comedy, but my character [Kyeong-ah] is the young and innocent foil, which is closer to my real self

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