Everyone has had more sex then me

I want to make. A minute or so passes before the younger brother speaks. I ask the brothers if they think they're hard to manage. I feel like Pete Carroll is like Benjamin Button. An awkward silence falls over the gym. It looks like a tiny version of him. He leans in to examine the Blitz figurine, which is holding a walnut-sized football. To offensive coordinators, he's a mathematical problem that lacks a solution, attacking quarterbacks from different points on the line. If not for their massive builds -- Michael is 6-foot-4 and Martellus 6-foot-6 -- the two NFL stars could easily be confused for LA hipsters.

Everyone has had more sex then me

They're never making progressive moves. Martellus picks up his spoon. This is a lesson that everyone who encounters the Bennetts eventually learns: Michael runs up to it and reciprocates the gesture. We're driving toward the office of an animation company called Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. When we pass a long-haired rocker idling on the sidewalk, Michael swivels his head. They don't just finish each other's sentences, they anticipate them; the brothers share several volumes' worth of inside jokes. I want to make. That year, he put up more yards than he did during the previous three seasons combined. Michael, who turns 31 this fall and plays for the Seahawks, is one of the NFL's best pass rushers. They know what it means to be labor instead of capital. I ask whether he was afraid when Michael got sick. After a couple of hours, Michael gets up to use the restroom; it's getting late in the afternoon, and he has to catch a flight back to Honolulu. He did, in fact, order the chicken. As he explains the premise -- The Gridiron Guild is about a young boy, Blitz, who plays football with otherworldly creatures -- Michael sits near us, fiddling with a Rubik's Cube. When Michael was 10 years old, his appendix ruptured. He was rushed to the ER for surgery and ended up spending several months in the hospital, undergoing multiple operations. We watch Michael perform a peculiar exercise, pumping his groin against a resistance band while he lies on his back. The Barbers did it. Michael, who is wearing shorts and a baseball cap that says "Savage," sits down and surveys the scene. They've seen hundreds of players rise and fall with little to show for it, while the suits who profit off their bodies stay in the same place. I like that crunch. Since they were in college, the Bennetts have heard it whispered: To offensive coordinators, he's a mathematical problem that lacks a solution, attacking quarterbacks from different points on the line. One of us made it over there, goddamn it. I wish I could say that As soon as we walk inside, Martellus wanders off to greet the artists and animators in the office, who seem unstirred by the towering NFL player in their midst.

Everyone has had more sex then me

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