Dirty sex questions to ask a girl

Have you ever pushed the boundaries of fidelity to the brink and then retreated just for the rush? Get ready to learn all about how your man thinks with these fun and interesting questions! What are you wearing right now? Have you ever flirted with a stranger online? Would you rather have super strength, or x-ray vision? How would you change the world if you were to play god for a day?

Dirty sex questions to ask a girl

Do you like making out? Every instrument has its own personality, so whatever she chooses will reveal more of how she thinks about herself. Have you ever watched another couple get it on without them knowing? What's the best thing a woman can do to you in bed? Do you like your hair pulled? What three words best describe you? How would you describe your package? What would you do if I sent you a dirty photo of me? Classy lingerie or fuzzy, pink handcuffs and blindfold? What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? Do you like playing rough? Does naughty talk get you aroused? What part of your body do you like me touching the most? Which bad habits of people drive you crazy? If we were in a movie theater, and I wanted to do it, what would you want me to do? What is your biggest turn off? Can you send me a sexy pic of your favorite body part? Her choice will reveal something about what she would most like to change about herself right now. Even just thinking about funny things puts her in a better mood, which starts the conversation warmly and positively. What kind of porn turns you on? Would it drive you wild if I whispered naughty things into your ear? Ask her to bring out her best dad jokes! What is one thing that I wear that you find completely irresistible? How would you help me relax? When you first met me, was it love at first sight? Fantasizing about travel together could get you both on the same page and lead to further conversations. What kinds of things really make you laugh?

Dirty sex questions to ask a girl

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20 Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl And Turn Her On, Health Tips

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