Chosing the sex of your baby

You compromise a little bit of that unknownness. The great majority of his sex selection cases are couples coming for "family balancing". We sit around a glass coffee table. Whether current science is really able to isolate eye or hair colour — and other fertility experts express doubt — doctor Steinberg's assumption that the public eventually will adopt new technologies, however outlandish they may first appear, rings true. They are, says Nicola, "completely different from the boys in every respect.

Chosing the sex of your baby

The room is clean and modern, the furnishings are that chicken soup colour favoured by architects — and expensive private clinics. He says, "I mean, if you had a baby now? But he is puzzled by the British attitude. Then Nicola got pregnant again. There is a lot of sadness and guilt and desperation. This is an area of our lives that we can't influence unless we pay for it. The authority recommended a continuation of the ban. Take the foetal ultrasound. The HFEA is not standing on very firm ground — it does not claim an overriding moral objection, but bases its decision on the fact that most people don't really like the idea of sex selection. Shallow penetration should favour your chances of conceiving a girl - the slower female sperm are hardy enough to withstand the acidic conditions at the entrance to the vagina so could make it through to the egg after the male sperm have died off. But I didn't do the pink nursery thing. Well, it's a British thing. Although "a disproportionately high" percentage of couples actively seeking sex selection were non-Europeans preferring boys, overall, families seemed to want both sexes. And then the real clincher: They were the most dynamic and aggressive practitioners and now… Tch. I thought, 'I'm never going to have that. Of course I know. Therefore, having sex on the day of ovulation should increase the chances of conceiving a boy. They are, says Nicola, "completely different from the boys in every respect. Like all good syndromes, this one has its own initials: And then out came Ted! The public response was not positive, and a month later he backed down. I did it all in mint and lemon, just in case. There are a lot of different theories and approaches to natural gender selection but very little scientific study. I was sitting there feeding him, the TV was on, and I caught the tail end of this documentary. A desire becomes a need, and then that need becomes pathologised.

Chosing the sex of your baby

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Genetic Testing to Select Baby’s Sex

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