Black teen first time having sex

For boys, there is a strong positive correlation between viewing time and sexual experience among those who view teleivision apart from their parents. Values for segregation indices were obtained from the U. There are several other possible explanations which have been proposed but not researched: In 12 percent of Hispanic versus 6 and 3 percent of non-Hispanic white and non-Hispanic black teens were currently married, and 20 percent of Hispanic versus 8 percent of non-Hispanic white and 4 percent of non-Hispanic black teens had ever been married. Given the importance of independence in the teen years, such a close relationship may not be sufficient.

Black teen first time having sex

Sampling weights were not used, so these data should not be interpreted as representing national characteristics. Where it fits in the human developmental process has not been adequately researched. Using data to compare rates of intercourse among men and women Table 1. However, communication for boys with the father was associated with greater sexual activity. Census data, we performed multiple hierarchical discrete time-to-event analyses on a nationally representative cohort of adolescents followed since Surprisingly, the percentage of high school boys who were sexually active had steadily declined from 43 percent in , but the percentages for girls increased from and then declined back to the level in Besides community size discussed above , Billy found that for both black and white females, the higher the percent in a community who voted for McGovern in the higher the likelihood of being sexually experienced. For white females, religiosity of the community, percent voting for McGovern, and percent of the labor force female appeared to affect sexual activity through individual attitudes and values. Sexual intercourse occurs early in the sequence. The higher her expectations for schooling beyond high school the lower the probability that she would have sexual intercourse before age However, stratified results suggested differences in the effect of race on age at first sexual intercourse at each level of segregation across dimensions of segregation. The chance of obtaining estimates of sexual activity for developing countries is even smaller. The increase in sexual activity among unmarried teen females that occurred during the s appears to have slowed. The major problems with conducting this research are two: Hispanics are a particularly important subgroup on which data have only recently become available. This reduces somewhat the relative size of the teenage group relative to older age groups, which are generally more conservative in sexual matters. That is, girls with higher hormonal levels showed increased interest in sex, but did not show increased sexual activity. The difference between the sexual experience of white and black females appears to have declined slightly over time. There is one study so far with data on television viewing at two points in time and information on sexual experience. Religion is an important differentiator of early versus later initiators of sexual intercourse. The decrease for boys interesting, but not necessarily related to teen birth rates was from 60 percent to 55 percent. It may have been unrealistic to expect most young people to abstain from coitus entirely until marriage. Several studies have found a relationship between the mother's age at first birth and daughter's age at first birth Presser, such that the earlier the mother's first birth the earlier the daughter's experience. In contrast, the proportion who reported having had sexual intercourse had leveled off for black women between and ; between and the proportion of black never married teens in metropolitan areas who reported that they had experienced their sexual debut declined slightly to 53 percent Table 1. One issue of importance is the extent to which initiation of sexual intercourse is voluntary or involuntary, such as a result of rape or incest. We further limited the sample to those living in U. Census Bureau's Census Summary 1 and 3 files.

Black teen first time having sex

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  2. This study is based on an analysis of the National Survey of Children, who were interviewed in when they were 7—11 and again in when they were 11—

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